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Core Vision
There are multiple facets to fleet management and the need for comprehensive, intuitive, and action oriented management tools is a growing challenge.

Optimal and efficient management of any fleet requires hands on control of the two major expenses of fuel and maintenance.

Fleet SAP is the first service provider to develop a Single web Application Platform to help fleet managers with the three critical factors: fuel management, Telematics data, and GPS tracking. Although there are multiple systems on the market dedicated to one aspect or another, fleet managers are forced to juggle between multiple software applications. Such juggling prohibits efficient management and eliminates many of the benefits each system provides.

Our Single Software Platform, Fleet SAP, solves these deficiencies and allows for tremendous improvement in fleet management.

Fleet SAP integrates with almost any hardware and standalone product on the market today. As such, a company with multiple vendors, including but not limited to, refueling systems, GPS tracking devices, and security systems can now be managed under one Single Application Platform.

Concept Features:
  • Replace multiple software for individual systems with a Single Application Platform
  • A Single Application Platform that is modular, expandable, flexible and customizable
  • Web based with free supportavailable as well as product upgrades
  • Real time applications
  • Enhanced analysis capabilities due to the integration of multiple system under one software
  • Simplified management due to the integration of multiple systems under one software
  • Actionable solutions due to the integration of multiple systems under one software